What Does a Podiatrist Do?

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Podiatrists are medical professionals who specialize in diagnosing, treating, and preventing problems associated with the feet, ankles, and lower extremities of the legs. This guide aims to provide detailed insights into what a podiatrist does, with a special focus on podiatrist services in Kew, a suburb in Melbourne, Australia.

Podiatrist Kew


Podiatry is an essential branch of medical science focusing on the lower extremities. Understanding the roles, responsibilities, and services offered by a podiatrist is crucial to maintaining proper foot health.

Responsibilities of a Podiatrist

  • Diagnosis: Determining the underlying issues related to foot and ankle problems.
  • Treatment: Administering treatment for various ailments, from simple foot pain to more complex conditions like arthritis.
  • Surgery: Performing surgeries for severe foot or ankle issues.
  • Preventive Care: Educating patients about preventive measures.
  • Orthotics: Designing and fitting custom-made orthotics to support or correct the foot’s alignment.

Podiatrist Services in Kew

General Foot Care

  • Routine checks
  • Treatment of common foot problems like corns, calluses, and warts
  • Nail care

Pediatric Podiatry

  • Foot health checks for children
  • Treatment of growing pains, flat feet, etc.

Sports Podiatry

  • Injury diagnosis and rehabilitation
  • Performance enhancement

Diabetic Foot Care

  • Regular monitoring
  • Wound care and prevention

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications should a podiatrist in Kew have?

A qualified podiatrist should have a Bachelor’s or Doctorate degree in Podiatry, registration with relevant health boards, and proper licensing to practice in the state.

How can I find a podiatrist in Kew?

You can consult your general practitioner for a referral, search online directories, or ask for recommendations from friends or family.

When should I see a podiatrist?

You should see a podiatrist if you experience persistent pain, discomfort, or any abnormalities in your feet or ankles, or if you have conditions like diabetes that require regular foot care.


A podiatrist is an invaluable resource in maintaining foot health and overall well-being. The services they offer go beyond simple foot care, encompassing everything from pediatric needs to specialized sports injury treatment. Residents of Kew and surrounding areas can access quality podiatric care from licensed professionals. Understanding the importance of podiatric health and knowing when to seek professional care can lead to a more active and pain-free life. Whether you are an athlete, a child, an elderly person, or someone living with chronic conditions, podiatrists in Kew are equipped to provide personalized care tailored to your individual needs.

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